Men’s health after 50 years, the importance of undergoing medical examination at this age


Men's health after 50 years, the importance of undergoing medical examination at this age

Men’s health after 50 years: the importance of being examined by a doctor at this age
What changes expect male health after 50 years. What to do with increasing blood pressure and reducing potency. How to change the way of life, what measures will help prevent the development of pathologies. Prevention of hypertension, prostatitis, diabetes and joint problems.

Men’s health after 50 years: diseases and prevention

Age-related changes in the body can trigger inflammatory diseases. Men’s health after 50 years requires special attention, preventive measures will help prevent the development of chronic pathologies. Proper lifestyle, regular visits to the doctor will help you live happily ever after.

The content of the article

  • Male physiology after 50 years
  • What changes in the body of a man
  • What authorities to pay attention
  • How to keep healthy after 50
    • Lifestyle
    • Regular checkups with doctors
    • Recommendations for sexuality
    • Prevention of the most frequent diseases
      • Hypertension
      • Prostatitis
      • Diabetes
      • Joint problems
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      • Male physiology after 50 years

        Climax changes of an organism are typical not only for women. Recently, you can often hear such a term as "andropause". This period is typical for patients over 50 years old, called male menopause.

        Due to age-related changes, hormonal changes in the body occur. You can notice signs of andropause at the age of 50, in rare cases with aggravating associated diseases, male menopause can begin at the age of 40.

        The hormone testosterone is responsible for the health and normal sexual development of the male body. Due to a decrease in the level of androgens, erectile dysfunction is observed, a depressive state develops and metabolic processes are disturbed, which causes infertility and obesity.

        Male menopause is different from the female preservation of reproductive function. A strong half of humanity retains the ability to conceive, even in old age. If you follow medical prescriptions, you can avoid the negative symptoms of andropause.

        What changes in the body of a man

        What changes expect a man after 50 years:

        • work of sweat glands increases, a person is hotter than usual;
        • anxiety, irritability without a reason;
        • mental disorders occur, depression develops;
        • hypotension or hypertension begins (jumps in blood pressure);
        • disrupts the central nervous system, develops a migraine and dizziness;
        • general fatigue, fatigue and lethargy appear;
        • memory deterioration, decrease in concentration of attention is observed;
        • disturbed sleep, insomnia;
        • urination problems;
        • increased blood glucose levels;
        • there are flushing of the face, redness of the skin;
        • Erectile dysfunction develops.

        The presence of one or more symptoms can also talk about other diseases. For an accurate diagnosis, consult your doctor. The specialist will prescribe the correct regimen of the day, diet and drug treatment of chronic diseases, if any.

        In old age, there is an intensification of diseases that have been in remission for a long time. Do not put up with age changes. Doctors advise all people who have exchanged their sixth decade, to be attentive to their health, to observe reasonable physical activity, to monitor their own nutrition and not to put an end to their intimate life.

        What authorities to pay attention

        Age-related changes primarily affect the internal organs. The work of the whole organism is broken even because of one small pathology. Particular attention should be paid to the organs of the cardiovascular system, the spine and the gastrointestinal tract.

        Possible diseases occurring in the period after 50 years:

        1. Diabetes. It is necessary to control the diet, to balance the level of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the diet – this will save the patient from sudden surges in sugar.
        2. Hypertension. High blood pressure can often rise due to improper diet and genetic predisposition. Keep the cardiovascular system from overexcitement.
        3. Problems with heart. The doctor, if absolutely necessary, prescribes the drug support of the body. Follow your heart rate, regularly undergo examination by a cardiologist and do a cardiogram at least once a year.
        4. Obesity. This is not only an aesthetic problem. Weight gain provokes a slowdown in metabolism, which can be a push for the development of diabetes and other pathologies.
        5. Problems with the loin. The lack of calcium or other trace elements destroys the integrity of bones and joints, pain in the back. Bone alphabolin problems can cause frequent injuries, fractures and sprains.
        6. Prostatitis. The prostate gland in men in old age is usually enlarged. When inflammatory processes on the body may appear tumors (adenoma). Along with prostate diseases, the patient has urinary problems, erectile dysfunction and pain in the urinary canal.
        7. Psychical deviations. Due to senile changes, a person often develops depression. Also from the side of the central nervous system – forgetfulness, decreased concentration.
        8. Disorders of the digestive process. At the age after 50 years, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract work worse. If you eat spicy food can hurt the stomach, there are frequent constipation. Such symptoms may indicate pancreatic dysfunction.
        9. Hepatic or renal failure. Cirrhosis and other liver diseases can occur due to addiction to alcohol. Chronic prostatitis is the cause of kidney dysfunction.
        10. Cancer of the organs. Often at this age, detect oncology. You should regularly undergo laboratory tests and examinations with doctors to detect a tumor at an early stage of development.

        To avoid this disease, it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor who will help determine the presence of the disease and suggest the most active treatment. Pay special attention to organs that have previously disturbed or functioned poorly.

        Smokers and allergies (asthmatics) can also suffer from problems with the respiratory system. It is recommended to buy a heart rate monitor for monitoring heart rate, and a tonometer for tracking blood pressure.

        How to keep healthy after 50

        The first important condition that will help to live happily ever after is the observance of a healthy lifestyle. Smoking cessation, frequent use of alcoholic beverages and harmful dishes helps to prolong life. Equally important is emotional stability, a normal psychological state – this is the key to an adequate perception of age-related changes.


        The right way of life for young people is regular exercise, balanced nutrition and activity. In old age it is difficult to withstand such physical activities. After 50 years, you should follow other rules.

        Lifestyle recommendations:

        1. Give up smoking. This is a simple recommendation that will help a person cope with tobacco addiction. Nicotine adversely affects not only the respiratory system, but also provokes a slowdown of metabolic processes, and can cause diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and other dysfunctions.
        2. Stop drinking. Alcohol addiction reduces the life of a person by 10 years. This figure can be much more if you drink alcohol every day. A glass of wine or 100 g once every six months – and do not exceed the recommended doses.
        3. Balanced diet. Do not deny your favorite dishes at all, but change the cooking methods. It is recommended to bake dishes, refuse frying and a large amount of oil. In the diet should be meat dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits, fiber, cereals. The doctor adjusts the diet depending on the associated diseases.
        4. Daily regime. A very important factor that will help maintain mental health. In old age you need to sleep more – at least 7-8 hours a day. For the stability of the psychological state do not break the usual mode, get up and lie down at the same time – this little advice will help prevent the development of depression.
        5. Men's health after 50 years, the importance of undergoing medical examination at this age

        6. Physical exercise . It is not necessary to engage in sports, but running or walking is a great choice for older people. It is believed that sport is the best cure for aging. With strict medical indications, you should try to walk longer and more often be in the fresh air.

        Compliance with all recommendations for lifestyle will help get rid of extra pounds and start a normal metabolism. Even after 50 years, life is in full swing and does not end. The man remains alert and energized. Only a healthy lifestyle will stop the aging process.

        Regular checkups with doctors

        An important factor is passing medical examinations. Detection of diseases at an early stage of development is the key to successful treatment. Timely examination will help extend the life of the patient and make it more comfortable.

        A man should visit the general practitioner at least once a year. He will appoint preventive examinations. Required to visit: cardiologist, proctologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, neurologist, urologist, andrologist and surgeon.

        What diseases can doctors detect:

        1. Prostatitis. To diagnose the pathological process in the prostate gland and to identify the cause of its occurrence, it is recommended to consult a urologist and andrologist. Experts have already made a preliminary diagnosis at the initial examination. Additionally appointed laboratory diagnostics (PSA analysis).
        2. Tumors of the prostate. In case of benign prostatic hyperplasia, there is a risk (in case of late detection of the disease) development of cancer lesions. It is required to additionally visit an oncologist, to pass a glandular tissue biopsy.
        3. Testicular cancer This is a rare disease that occurs due to an undescended testicle or the genetic predisposition of a man. It is recommended to visit the andrologist, urologist and oncologist, if there is suspicion and pain in the scrotum.
        4. Gastrointestinal disturbances. It aggravates the patient’s history of gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system. With age, the pancreas does not work well, so it is recommended to eat lighter food. Consult a gastroenterologist for nutritional advice. Also among people over 45, about 10% suffer from intestinal polyps, and in 1% of patients, polyps develop into malignant tumors. Colonoscopy, rectoromanoscopy, irrigoscopy may be prescribed.
        5. Melanoma. Increasingly, men by the age of 50 are diagnosed with skin cancer. Older men are twice as likely to develop melanoma as women of the same age. Long exposure to the sun, sunburn, and the abuse of a tanning bed increase the risk of developing skin cancer. For diagnosis, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist, oncologist. Independently you need to monitor the change in skin color, shape of formations and moles.
        6. Blood pressure problems. When measuring blood pressure, we get two numbers: the first shows systolic pressure (pressure in the arteries, during the heartbeat), the second shows the diastolic pressure (pressure in the veins between the heart pushes). Blood pressure is normally 120/80. Most often, men suffer from hypertension – elevated rates, treatment with alpha-blockers is required, you can turn to a cardiologist.
        7. High cholesterol and glucose levels. In old age, poor diet can trigger the development of diabetes and increases the risk of cholesterol plaques. These factors adversely affect the work of the cardiovascular system. It is required to regularly pass laboratory tests to control sugar and cholesterol levels.
        8. Eye disease. There is a risk of developing glaucoma – age-related changes in the retina. A disease that do bodybuilders drink alcohol gradually damages the optic nerve, which leads to significant or complete irreversible loss of vision. Identify pathology examination for the determination of intraocular pressure – the main cause of damage to the optic nerve.

        With an active sex life and frequent change of sexual partner is recommended to contact a venereologist. Also, unprotected sexual intercourse increases the risk of HIV infection. It is recommended to take tests for HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea during sexual activity once a year.

        Recommendations for sexuality

        Sexual activity is also a drug. Regular sex life helps to get rid of stagnation of prostate secretion, which prevents the development of prostatitis. However, impotence often develops in old age.

        To restore erectile dysfunction, you should seek the help of a doctor. The specialist will prescribe medication therapy. As an additional treatment, it is shown to increase physical exertion and monitor nutrition.

        Recommendations for sexuality to restore potency:

        1. Products from erectile dysfunction. It is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, in which a high content of vitamins of groups B, E and C. Grain crops have a similar property, supporting the work of the central nervous system. Black currant is considered a sexual natural stimulant. In the berry season you need to eat it daily.
        2. Sweet addition. With a balanced diet it is recommended to refuse sweet pastries, sweets and other desserts. But only 1 slice of bitter chocolate per day will help increase libido. This chocolate contains natural hormones of sexual arousal, increases the level of the hormone of happiness – serotonin.
        3. Protein dope. Do not deny yourself meat products. It is important for men to consume enough protein, but meals should be dietary. It is recommended to include in the diet beef, chicken eggs, poultry, rabbit, fish and seafood, as well as legumes.
        4. Physical exercise. It will help to increase the potency of morning exercises. In the absence of contraindications, a morning jog has a positive effect on the work of the pelvic organs. Minimal athletic load eliminates the stagnant processes of the genitourinary system, eliminates lethargy of the penis.

        Strict observance of lifestyle conditions will help strengthen the effect of drug treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, after 55 years of age, physical activity is not always indicated. Sex life may be banned if the patient has a history of severe cardiovascular disease.

        Prevention of the most frequent diseases

        Preventive measures should be taken at a young age. Start a healthy lifestyle now, so that the future does not know the problems. All about the prevention of male diseases, read on.


        High blood pressure can also trigger heart problems. It is important to stop hypertension in the embryo in time to avoid medication. It is impossible to cure the disease, but through preventive measures it is possible to slow the progression of the pathology.

        Preventive measures:

        • refuse or significantly limit the amount of salt in the diet;
        • stop smoking and alcohol;
        • watch out for emotional stability, avoid stressful situations;
        • optimize physical activity (increase or decrease);
        • observe the mode of the day, sleep at least 8 hours a day.

        Hypertension can provoke many complications, even cause a heart attack or stroke. Monitor arterial indicators. When the pressure rises above 140/80, treatment with drugs is required.


        Inflammation of the prostate gland can be stopped even at home. The disease at an early stage responds well to treatment, so timely access to a doctor gives good results.

        If you do not treat prostatitis, then it can flow into the chronic stage. In this case, the disease is not treatable, it can only be stopped. In advanced cases, surgery will be required up to the man’s castration.

        In order to prevent prostatitis a:

        • follow the rules of intimate hygiene;
        • Avoid casual sex and infection with sexually transmitted diseases;
        • empty the bladder on time, do not tolerate;
        • do not lift heavy objects;
        • eat well and lose those extra pounds;
        • watch the water-salt balance, drink more clean water;
        • to normalize the work of the intestine eat fiber;
        • give up bad habits (smoking, alcoholism);
        • regularly undergo prophylactic examinations of the urologist, andrologist;
        • eliminate from the diet of harmful and sweet foods.

        It is important to monitor the health of the digestive system, as frequent constipation and flatulence provoke inflammatory processes in the prostate. Eat more beets, kefir and lax products. Spicy and spicy dishes are excluded from the diet.


        Problems with blood sugar levels occur in many men, but regular glucose jumps can trigger diabetes. This disease is not treatable, so it is better to start taking measures to prevent pathology in time.

        Prevention of diabetes:

        1. Drink more pure water. Refuse from sweet tea and soda that dramatically raise blood sugar levels. To produce natural insulin in the pancreas requires a solution of bicarbonate. The minimum volume is 2 liters per day.
        2. Take a walk in the fresh air. This recommendation will help stabilize female bodybuilding sex the patient’s psychological state. Stress and nervous disorders often become the impetus for the development of the pathological process. Rest and do not overstrain the body.
        3. A certain type of food. Here it is not even about proper nutrition, but a certain diabetic diet. The diet should consist of vegetables, sour fruits, cereals, berries. Sugar and sweet fruits are completely excluded from the diet.
        4. Physical activity. Weekly workouts reduce the risk of diabetes by 70%. Sports loads help get rid of excess weight and stabilize hormones.

        It is desirable to start prevention from childhood, especially if the patient has a predisposition to diabetes. Sometimes men go to the doctor with a completely different problem, but during the study, diabetes is found. The use of harmful sweet dishes can be the impetus for the development of the disease.

        Joint problems

        Inflammation can occur not only on the tissues of the prostate gland. Joint diseases, osteochondrosis and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system often accompany elderly patients.

        Prevention of joint problems is simple:

        • take medicines prescribed by a doctor;
        • avoid infections, do not contact with sick people;
        • hypothermia and overheating – pain provocateurs, maintain the optimum temperature in a residential area, dress according to the weather;
        • exercise sparingly, optimize physical activity;
        • include foods rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids in your diet;
        • conduct vitamin therapy.

        For the normal development of the joints, it is important to avoid overheating and hypothermia, such changes provoke inflammatory processes. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, calcium, containing Omega-3. And strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor to enjoy any age.


        Learn more about the health of a man after 50 years in this video.

        Men's health after 50 years, the importance of undergoing medical examination at this age